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Did you know?

On July 14, 1914, the General Assembly proposed a constitutional amendment to create Candler County from portions of Bulloch, Emanuel, and Tattnall counties (Ga. Laws 1914, p. 29). In that year's general election, Georgia voters ratified the proposed amendment on Nov. 3, 1914, which marks the official date of the Candler County's creation (although a state historical marker on the courthouse grounds incorrectly cites the county's creation as the day the legislative act proposing the constitutional amendment was approved).

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Judges of the Probate Court


Date of Oath of Office

George R. Trapnell December 2, 1914
M.Y. Parrish December 27, 1916
M.Y. Parrish December 28, 1916
M.Y. Parrish December 29, 1916
W. M. Kitchens January 1, 1924
W. M. Kitchens December 29, 1928
J. Lonnie Jones September 30, 1931
J. Lonnie Jones December 28, 1932
J. Lonnie Jones December 28, 1936
J. Lonnie Jones December 29, 1940
S.W. Warren November 8, 1944
Ned B. Warren April 4, 1949