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New Legal Resources Available at Library

Resources about Common Legal and Government Issues Available

Community members can learn more about typical legal issues that they may encounter with the help of special materials now available from the Carl Vinson Institute. Candler County Probate Judge Tony Thompson recently announced procurement of the materials for the Candler County L.C. Anderson Memorial Library and the Candler County Law Library.

The Law and Government Education Project consists of 22 DVD tutorials with legal information related to a wide variety of topics such as marriage and divorce, immigration, eviction, buying a car or home, personal finance, protective orders, the criminal justice system, and more. Each presentation lasts approximately 30 minutes and concludes with a list of legal services providers or referral resources.

The tutorials may be viewed in English or Spanish. The information is both narrated and written on the screen, making it accessible for hearing or seeing impaired viewers or those with limited literacy. The materials at L.C. Anderson Library will be in the reference section and available for viewing inside the library as soon as they are processed. The materials at the Candler County Law Library will be available for members of the local bar association.

The Law and Government Education Project is a partnership between the University of Georgia’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government and the School of Law, with support from the Georgia Bar Foundation and the Georgia Civil Justice Foundation. The presentations are intended for information purposes only and should not be considered as legal advice.

“These tutorials offer an excellent starting point on general legal issues but they do not take the place of legal counsel. The educational benefits however are obvious. We are grateful to our Librarian Maxine Griffin and the Vinson Institute’s Betty Hudson for helping make these materials available for our community”, said Thompson.


Probate Court Judge Tony Thompson delivers Law and Government Education DVD resources to Candler County Librarian Maxine Griffin.