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Probate Books Rebound

Two of Candler County's oldest probate books have recently been rebound and covered at the direction of Probate Judge Tony Thompson. Candler County was formed by Legislation approved on July 17, 1914. The Candler County Ordinary's Court Docket Book A begins with an entry from March 22, 1915. The last entry in that book is dated October 22, 1960. This book and the Candler County Will Book "A" (1915-1973) have some of the county's oldest probate documents. "On the eve of our County Centennial which will happen in 2014 it was appropriate that we got these books restored," said Thompson.

Over 80 years of use had taken a toll on the old books and they were in need of repair. "We had the earliest marriage volumes repaired last year and this year we targeted the earliest probate records for repair. The Court is tasked with preserving these records forever and even though they have been microfilmed these bound copies are still what most people use," added
Thompson. Archivist Ed Clyburn did the restoration work on May 8th at the Courthouse. "Mr. Clyburn is an old style craftsman. His father taught him bookbindery so he knows what he is doing. He rethreaded the pages together then replaced the spines and bindings with new ones.

The books retain the look and feel of the originals with all new construction," said Thompson. "Most of the information in these books was hand written by the past Probate Judges (or Ordinaries) who served our county during those decades beginning with George R. Trapnell and continuing with M.Y. Parrish, W. Kitchens, J. Lonnie Jones, S.W. Warren, Ned Warren, Oscar P. Phillips and Juanita Mullings. It is good to see their work properly preserved," Thompson added.


Before repair

During repair

After repair